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“Thanks to the wonderful help of the GoTechGuy, Tom Aldrich, we’re now in business [with our computer and email.]” ---Mary Boston
“Tom’s a GEM! He was so kind and patient with me. He fixed my computer, backed up my files and cleaned out the computer memory so it would work better. ---Judy Campbell
“My business prospect options have greatly expanded since Tom has shown me step by step how to open, navigate, & use my website.” -- Mary Warren
"...nothing but compliments from our clients." -- Evelyn Turner
Letter of Recommendation: Turner Consultants, Las Vegas
"Tom has been a positive contributor from the first day he arrived." -- John Galan
Letter of Recommendation: Hewlett Packard / Compaq Computer, New Jersey
"His computer skills are excellent and the entire staff benefited by his expertise and
coaching." - Meg Delone
Letter of Recommendation:
B101.1 FM Philadelphia Radio